Happy Wipes for Happy Healthy Children. Before children eat they should wash their hands with a Happy Wipe.
Happy Wipes are a non toxic hand wipe with all natural ingredients. Safe for children and strong enough for Adults with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. There are several designs for this application. McDonald's may actually LOVE IT. One wipe in every Happy Meal. Branding Movies, Monopoly Game, Coupons, Incentives, etc. The smile on the "Happy Meal" box was sent by Joe to McDonalds marketing department and yes they used it on the Happy Meal box...great idea. :) Also, used with Joe Spinoso's Economic Stimulus plan for the US to the World. Joe is the creative person behind many company solutions that you will never hear about...but you most likely see and use today. Companies hire him to solve their problems, design new products and think of consumers future needs. To purchase this product or a private lable under the "Happy Wipes" brand please contact Joe at info@joespinoso.com

Joe coined the phrase "On the Corner of Health and Happiness" for the Wallgreens Brand. He also created a new logo for Wallgreens. "Wall" in red and "GREENS" in green with a leaf at the end of the "S" or option a simple "W" with a leaf added in green. Sent to the marking department some years ago. 

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Sample mock up photo.
Several Designs being decided on.
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